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[hal-02469350] Interactions of pharmaceutical companies with world countries, cancers and rare diseases from Wikipedia network analysis


[hal-02132487] Interdependence of sectors of economic activities for world countries from the reduced Google matrix analysis of WTO data


[hal-02513466] Thermoelectricity Modeling with Cold Dipole Atoms in Aubry Phase of Optical Lattice


[hal-03090105] Multipartite entanglement detection via projective tensor norms


[hal-03021570] Compatibility of quantum measurements and inclusion constants for the matrix jewel


[hal-02114063] Collective intelligence defines biological functions in Wikipedia as communities in the hidden protein connection network


[hal-02895475] Accuracy of neural networks for the simulation of chaotic dynamics: precision of training data vs precision of the algorithm


[hal-02988630] de Finetti reductions for partially exchangeable probability distributions


[hal-02988628] On the spectral gap of random quantum channels


[hal-02988627] A refinement of Reznick's Positivstellensatz with applications to quantum information theory


[hal-02988621] SudoQ -- a quantum variant of the popular game


[hal-02972150] Poisson Image Deconvolution by a Plug-and-Play Quantum Denoising Scheme


[hal-02955388] The joint distribution of the marginals of multipartite random quantum states


[hal-01422586] Multi-cultural Wikipedia mining of geopolitics interactions leveraging reduced Google matrix analysis


[hal-02611821] Large amplitude electromagnetic solitons in a fully relativistic magnetized electron-positron-pair plasma



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