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F. Cornish and . Ph, Postdoctoral Degree in the Language SciencesHabilitation à Diriger des Recherches en Sciences du Langage') from the University of Toulouse-Le Mirail, France. He is the author of two books on anaphora in a discourse context (Anaphoric Relations in English and French: a discourse perspective Croom Helm 1986, and Anaphora, Discourse, and Understanding) 1999) and has written numerous articles on anaphora, deixis, reading, agreement, text and discourse structure, as well as information structure, reference, predication and the lexical semantics-syntax interface. He is currently working on the topic of null complements, and their effects on the Aktionsart of the host predicate's containing predication, Linguistics in 1982 from the University of Sussex He works within the framework of the developing model Functional Discourse Grammar, an offshoot of standard Dikian Functional Grammar. Francis Cornish currently teaches Syntax and General Linguistics at the, 1997.